Backup Solutions

Never lose data again

Switching from tape, or hard disk backup to cloud backup is becoming increasingly popular because of the obvious advantages.

Benefits of cloud backup solutions


Save significantly on hardware and software costs with a cloud-based system.

Easy access to data

Data can be restored at any time in the case of an issue locally.


As your data grows, so does you system. You don’t need to add more infrastructure.

Fully automated and scalable

Provides for unlimited future data growth based on your needs.

Peace of mind

Your data is held securely in our servers for easy restore. 


We monitor your backups centrally, remotely accessing any systems that need attention.


Our system will protect you from ransomware and crypto viruses.

Protection from ‘Ransomware’ and virus attacks

Protect against accidental or malicious file deletion.

Keeping your data safe

Part of keeping your data safe is to ensure your data is safe from ransomware and crypto viruses.  We use a product called Veeam Cloud Connect which provides this protection.

We will ensure that, at any given time, one copy of your organisation’s data is effectively offline (disconnected) and cannot be accessed. If a file or system of files has no connection to the Internet or a LAN, it can’t be remotely hacked or corrupted. This enables storage of a secondary copy that is static.

To reduce risk to your data, this approach should be an integral part of any backup and recovery plan. To achieve this, you need it to be part of an integrated methodology, where all possible threat routes are accounted and planned against.

MazingTree are experienced in planning and providing this type of data safety and will provide a full and structured plan.

Veeam - keeping data safe

Speak to us about creating solutions to keep your data safe in a cost-effective way.

We’d love to talk to you about creating a plan for your backups that is safe, secure and cost effective.