Computers & Equipment

Supplying everything you need – fully setup and ready to go

It doesn’t matter whether you are replacing old or outdated equipment or growing your business and need more technology – we can help.  Our computer and equipment supply service offers you everything from the initial research, right up to the installation of a fully working item.

In a world full of choice, we understand how painful it can be to be presented with endless options and limitless configurations.  We work backwards and make this easy for you by analysing your needs (i.e. the outcome you need) and finding the solution that provides that outcome.  We also consider your budget, space, size of business and several other factors, for example noise in quiet home or small office..

The outcome for you is a recommendation for a clear way forward that falls into your budget, so that all your tech works together.  You can get on with running your business and we provide you with the best tools to do this.

Sourcing and configuring your hardware

MazingTree can source and supply hardware specific to the tasks you perform.  This can include desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, servers, printers, software and whatever else you need.  Your new hardware will always be setup and ready to use, with the latest software in your specification.  We can even write your specification for you so that future purchases fit in with your current setup and your hardware purchases can be planned and managed.

Your staff will receive computers that are pre-set up and configured so they can start work immediately.  We can also ship to diverse locations for home workers and provide telephone and online support as they unpack and plug in their new hardware.

Our extensive experience of computer systems means we can pick the most reliable and best performing hardware – leaving you with the peace of mind that your new machines will perform as you expect them to and work well for the long term.

Business computers

We supply business grade equipment, that lasts longer, is built for heavy business use giving you better long-term value.  Consumer grade computers that are sold in high street stores may have the same badge, and even some of the same specification, but it’s not built to withstand heavy daily use.  Business grade computers last longer and provide better value in the longer term because you don’t have to pay for regular fixes and more frequent upgrades to the hardware.

Generally speaking, business grade computers give a five to seven-year lifespan, whereas consumer grade computers may only last two or three.

Overall, investing in a business grade computer will save you money, and save on your staff’s time because they have a reliable hard-working computer to use with little downtime.  Also, if you invest in our IT and Support Desk services, we can get your staff up and running at any time if you hit a glitch.

Choosing the right hardware for your needs

Depending on the size and type of your business, your staff may have different needs. So, for example, a salesperson on the road may need a rugged laptop, whereas a light user in your office – maybe a receptionist – may need something less rugged.

Speak to us about your hardware and how to make it work harder for the investment you make.

We’d love to talk to you about choosing the right hardware to support your growing business and getting a clear ROI.  Call us on 01752 540 540 now.