On Premises Infrastructure

Where security is your prime concern

With on-premises infrastructure all services are run, managed and maintained from within the organisation on their own hardware and servers. Some organisations choose to do this for compliance or security reasons, or because most staff are based in the office, where it makes more sense economically than paying for monthly cloud services.  But it can be more expensive and offer less flexibility than currently popular cloud backup services, in certain situations – it depends on your requirements, and on a number of factors, such as internet bandwidth, ratio of onsite to remote workers to name two.

Developing your own software and hardware infrastructure and running it internally is a challenge, but it has benefits for certain types of organisations and is a very useful as a backup solution for frequently used or very sensitive data.

Typically companies that have onsite servers have bespoke or industry specific applications that require them to be installed on your own hardware, and are not designed to work in the cloud.

We can provide VPN and other methods for remotely accessing data where on-premise servers are required. 

Server testing

Why choose on premises infrastructure?

There are some good reasons to choose on premises infrastructure over a cloud solution. These can be summed up as follows:

Frequency of moving data

If you move data in and out of the cloud with high frequency it can lead to additional costs. If you use applications that syncs large amounts of data between a cloud environment and a local one – you may be an ideal candidate for on premises infrastructure.

Low-latency workloads

Moving data takes time – there are ways you can reduce this – but for larger businesses it can be a concern.

Data volume

Workloads that rely on or generate large volumes of data may not perform acceptably in the cloud.

Cost savings

In some situations, such as a large company with staff based in large offices the costs are lower than paying monthly for cloud services – each situation is different.

Benefits of on premises infrastructure

There are some good reasons to choose on premises infrastructure over a cloud solution. These can be summed up as follows:


You have the complete control over the infrastructural setup. Data stays in your private network, nobody other than your team has access to the information.  It’s a bit like having your own private cloud backup.


Using a third-party cloud-based service, your organisations data gets shared with the third-party vendor leading to potential data breaches. This doesn’t happen with on-premises infrastructure.  Security may be critical to your organisation, especially if your services include financial, military, MOD or health care services.


Sometimes you need a unique solution catering to your needs which cloud-based software as a service doesn’t offer.

No vendor-lock-in

You own the equipment and have complete control over the environment.

Whilst keeping business data on the premises, we can also include managing and installing local desktops, laptops, printers etc.

Speak to us about how you can ensure you are storing your data in the most effective way, with plenty of room for growth in the future.

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